At home in Holland

Perfect accommodation for everyone

For people who are coming to the Netherlands to work and are looking for a place to live, dockHolland Huisvesting is definitely the place to go. We have various housing concepts that ensure suitable accommodation to meet every specific wish. We provide total solutions for home-finding, and we take all the work off your hands.

DockHolland Huisvesting

A home away from home

If you’re coming to the Netherlands to seek better employment opportunities, you need more than just a job. You also need a roof over your head. Or, to put it better, a place that feels like home.

That’s why dockHolland Huisvesting is there. We listen to your wishes and requirements and find suitable accommodation close to your work. After all, everyone has different requirements, depending on their specific situation.

dockHolland Huisvesting has developed various housing concepts that give you a clear picture of the possibilities. And all of them conform to social requirements and the standard of living. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our homes are smart, well-maintained and furnished to your requirements. And we can also look after all of the secondary issues, from public utilities to insurance.

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